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Thrashin' is the title of a film about two rival skateboard gangs in Los Angeles directed by David Winters and written by Paul Brown and Alan Sacks. When the film was released in 1986 it was not well received by the critics, saying that the film was just a poor skateboard version of West Side Story or Romeo and Juliet. However, Thrashin' gained somewhat of a cult status among the kids of the 80's - it had all the right ingredients: gang rivalty, forbidden love, break dancing, and most important, some really cool skateboarding (of all types: ramp, street, freestyle, pool, downhill...) performed by some of the best skaters of the 80's, including Tony Hawk, Tony Alva, Per Welinder and Christian Hosoi.

Thrashin' was originally categorized as Action/Drama, but today it would certainly fit the Comedy category better - in a good way: The film includes a sometimes hilarious corny dialogue as well as goofs and it catches the eighties "at its peak": break dancing, the soundtrack ... that all make the film still worth watching.

Thrashin' has a great soundtrack, including bands like The Red Hot Chili Peppers (long before their major breakthrough), Devo (the original "nerd band" from Ohio), The Bangles (with an early song - much more punk than their later #1 hit "Eternal Flame") and Circle Jerks (performing their classic "Wild In The Streets"). It also includes great work performed by far more unknown artists like The Truth and The Tribe.

Thrashin' is also a term for, as main character Corey Webster puts it, "an aggressive style of skating". YEAH!