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Thrashin' is the story about Corey Webster, a 17-year-old skater from the San Fernando Valley who hitchhikes to Los Angeles to visit some friends and compete in a couple of competitions. His friends in L.A., Tyler, Radley, Bozo and Little Stevie are just finishing building a ramp when he gets there and Corey gets the honour to make the first run. Soon there are lots of people watching him, immediately impressed by his skilfulness. One person who is not so impressed by the arrival of Corey, however, is Tommy Hook, leader of the local punk skate gang the Daggers. Instead, he thinks that Corey is encroaching on their territory and when Corey falls in love with Chrissy, Tommy's kid sister visiting from Indiana, things get really tough. The Daggers start to take actions against Corey: they sabotage his performance in the pool competition, burn down his friends' ramp and soon Tommy challanges Corey to a man-to-man skateboard fight. Against Chrissy's will, Corey accepts the challange and ends up breaking his forearm. This happens just before his planned participation in the L.A. Massacre, a big downhill skateboard competition. But an injury won't stop Corey, not with his honour and a pro contract for Smash Skates at stake...

To see stills from the film, go here.